An older one revisited 5109


The result: 5109

Here you see the final result of a reworked painting. Sometimes I’m not entirely happy with a painting for some reason or other. If I can pinpoint the problem I’ll fix it of course, but sometimes the unrest starts quite a while after I have finished the painting. Often, when I actually start reworking a painting, it just gets worse, so I don’t  change my paintings often. I prefer to go forward and reworking a painting is just backward to me. Also I find that some paintings I’m not entirely happy about are just perfect for others. It just shows that if you like one of my paintings you’ll have to take it away from me to prevent me from changing it. But if you leave it with me I might change it some day. This was the case with 5009. This just had a certain gloom I was done with after about a year. At first I didn’t see the problem, but after a while I decided I needed to rework this one.  I also decided the sun peeking through a cloud was just too tacky anyway. With the recent cold weather I had seen some interesting ice formations and made a little study(5106). Suddenly I realized this was what I wanted to change. I added the ice and shrubs, basically toned down the sky in 5009 and it changed into 5109.


The study: 5106